Rob’s Rules DAO

We are using Blockchain to build a platform for global citizens to civilly discuss, develop, and agree on issues at all levels. For each issue, the platform will distribute the final consensus to the media and will individually deliver to those that can produce the solution.

Rules of Order – Scaled for Global Use

We are building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) offering the spirit of Robert’s Rules of Order to the global population.

For decades, small organizations have used Robert’s Rules effective process to

  1. suggest a solution to an issue,
  2. agree that the initial solution is viable and worth contemplating,
  3. and then distill the solution down into a refined state that receives the majority’s agreement.

Rob’s Rules DAO uses Blockchain technologies to provide the spirit and fundamentals of this practical problem-solving framework to the world’s citizens discussing world problems.

The ultimate objective is for the DAO to forward the majority’s recommended solution to individuals and organizations responsible for implementing the solution.


civil discord

Our Purpose

Civil Discourse


During difficult times, society tends to delegate to strong leaders or influential organizations in place of community thought.

In times of division, debate is replaced with individuals making their positions known by demonizing those with opposing views.

This is all to the detriment of finding productive solutions to advance society.


Rob’s Rules DAO uses the spirit and fundamentals of Robert’s Rules of Order to maintain a flow of productive discussions that evolve ideas and then distill into a final position that ultimately serves those in the greatest need.

Blockchain technologies are used by Rob’s Rules DAO so that the essence of these proven parliamentary rules can be scaled for worldwide use to discuss and conclude issues that affect the global citizen.

Dissemination of the majority’s position

Rob’s Rules DAO distributes the result of the motions, discussions, and final concurrence to the political and public forums. This is done by using a multi-channel communications process to reach the mainstream media and sovereign leaders.

Join Us 

Manage the DAO

Invested individuals submit proposals regarding the management of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

[Coming Soon]

Submit an Issue

The issues must be seconded to become available for the voting community to discuss, amend and adopt a final position.

  1. Use the Brave browser
  2. Type in the URL robsrules.dao in the Brave Browser Window
  3. Enable Unstoppable Domains if necessary

Vote on Final Position

Discuss, amend and adopt a final position on a submitted issue.

Robs Rules will disseminate the final position with access to the discussions leading up to the final position. Transparency will be divulged on the discussions, but the participants will remain anonymous.

Business Framework

DAO Foundation

The Rob’s Rules DAO is a Foundation within the OLinks Corporation, a Texas-based company offering business communications solutions to global enterprises since 2004.

WEB2 and WEB3

The website exists under WEB2 and represents the business functions and framework that support the DAO. The RobsRules.DAO website exists within WEB3 and supports the foundation’s community functions of the DAO.


We will issue NFTs for sale to fund the development of Rob’s Rules DAO, as required.

Panel Discussion on DAOs

Government Blockchain Association conference

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